Property Sourcing

How can Fay and The Full Property Experience help you?

For Investors and Landlords

With an extensive knowledge of the local area and the close working relationship with the most reliable local building company, CV Maintenance Solutions, The Full Property Experience can offer a complete Sourcing Service from finding the property to turning the key on a full refurbishment with full management of any required rentals through one of our trusted associates.  So, as an investor or landlord, whether you are looking for cashflow from an increased portfolio, or if the preference is to ‘flip’ the property to sell and release the equity, TFPE can assist both ways.

Or For Home Owners

Fay has had direct experience in the past of the mistakes you can make with property when faced with the financial decisions you may be forced to make over the course of your life under duress, whether it be marriage, divorce or even death. Selling a home is classed as one of the top five stressful experiences of life and having someone on your side with some timely life advice, who has been through the same experience, is priceless! Let The Full Property Experience and their support team help you to avoid making any rash decisions that you may regret later. Let them show you alternatives to what you may have initially thought. Fay is a very empathetic listener and she can help to guide you safely through stressful times by drawing on her own experiences and those of the team around her too.

The Full Property Experience is here to listen to your requirements, not tell you what you want!

"Bargain or burden? Let The Full Property Experience help you make the right decisions."